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HoQun Electronics Co.,LTD
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   Hoqun Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in February 2006, professional company engaged in U disk series products, storage cards, camera, mid, read card, car navigation, DV digital electronic products, SMT SMT processing, product sales, with state regulations of goods and technology import and export rights.

    Combined with Power Electronics Co., Ltd. the registered capital of 150 million yuan, 40 million yuan in fixed assets, mainly the introduction of the Japan Fuji series NXT, CP842, XP242, XP243 a plurality of world-class production line, and a plurality of electronic processing and assembly line, can undertake a variety of high-end electronic products production and processing and assembly.

    In Electronic Co., Ltd. factory occupies a total area of 12 acres, workshop, building 3, each 3, workshop area for 10000 square meters, dormitory building each layer 4, dormitory area is 5000 square meters total of 15000 square meters.